Digital Downloads of Enrique Chia's Music
A selection of Enrique Chia's music is now available to purchase through iTunes.  We will be adding more albums in the near future.

"Piano Under the Stars"

Recorded live before an audience against the elegance and style of the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Enrique Chia returns to public television with a program that transcends time.  This memorable performance of internationally beloved songs is enhanced by professional dancers who move to different featured rhythms that include a tango, pasodoble, cha cha and bolero with the backdrop of the spectacular gardens and breathtaking villa interiors.  This program will be shown across the nation, so check with your local public television affiliated station for date and time to be aired.







Latest Release

Chia has recorded a collection of the most beloved songs of the traditional Cuban heritage by composers Sindo Garay, Eduardo Sanchez de Fuentes, Rodrigo Prats, Osvaldo Farrés. Eusebio Delfín, Moisés Simons and Jorge Anckerman, among others.

The heart-felt piano renditions are enhanced by beautiful violin, trumpet and flute solos.  The Cuban “tres” guitar and percussion instruments are included in some of the selections, many of which were made world famous by the Buena Vista Social Club.

The recording contains La Tarde, Marta, En el Tronco de un Árbol, Longina, El Zapateo, Ausencia, Corazón, En el Sendero de mi Vida, La Bayamesa, El Arroyo que Murmura, Pensamiento, Flor de Yumurí, El Mambí, Una Rosa de Francia, Mírame Así, Madrecita, Tristezas and Si Llego a Besarte.  


Award Recognition


The A.L.B.A. non-profit organization, (La Academia de las Luminarias de las Bellas Artes) headed by Cuban singer and composer Pedro Román and director Ernesto de Otero has awarded Enrique Chia the Osvaldo Farrés medal for his contribution to the preservation of the rich Cuban musical heritage. 

This medal and a certificate of merit were presented by Pedro Román and famous actress Angelita Castany during the International Ernesto Lecuona Festival which took place at the Miami-Dade County Auditorium on April 6, 2014.






Cuban pianist Enrique Chia was honored April 7, 2014 at Hialeah's “Cuban Culture in Exile Heritage Park.” The park is home to monuments honoring Cuban high profile figures such as Olga Guillot and Celia Cruz. Working with the city, the park was established by the “Academia de las Luminarias de las Bellas Artes (ALBA).” A monument with Enrique Chia’s photo was unveiled by Hialeah Councilman Paul Hernández and Pedro Román, director of the non-profit organization ALBA. This beautiful park is located at Hialeah Dr. (NW 54th St) and E. 9th Ave.



Winners of the Enrique Chia Piano Collection

If you have purchased an Enrique Chia CD, you will have noticed that there is a card enclosed in every CD that can be filled out and mailed to Begui Records. This way you can provide Enrique with some feedback for future recordings and comments. Enrique Chia reads all of your cards and periodically, winners are chosen at random to receive his collection of CDs free of charge. 

The new winners of the Enrique Chia Piano Collection are listed below:

1)  Virginia M. Diaz, Cibolo, Texas

2)  Maria Soledad Arbulu, Detroit, Michigan

3)  Luis A. Ruiz, Casselberry, Florida

4)  Maria Felix Rodriguez, Coral Gables, Florida

Future winners will be listed in this section of the website.